The Department of Finance and Accounts is made up of two Divisions namely:-

  1. Account Division and
  2. Budget Division.
  1. Account Division is responsible for collection, custody and disbursement of all public funds of the Ministry. It also renders relevant returns to the appropriate authorities while;
  2. Budget Division is responsible for coordination and preparation of budget estimate, for the Ministry and its Parastatals. It also carries our budget monitoring.


To efficiently, professionally and effectively discharge the duties of preparing a realizable budget, monitor projects, collect revenues, effective custody of all assets and liabilities of the Ministry as well as accounting for all funds released to the Ministry.


The vision of this department is to render quality and timely services to both Internal and external persons who may have dealing with the Ministry; and render timely returns of such transactions.
1. Keeping of adequate record and updating the books of Accounts.
2. Timely preparation of salaries and promotion variation before sending to Accountant General’s office for IPPIS payment.
3. Prompt payment of Ministry’s obligations.
4. Prompt payment of all staff entitlements
5. Timely rendition of relevant returns to appropriate Authorities
6. Timely remittance of revenues collected on behalf of other Organizations e.g. W.H.T.; PAYEE, VAT. Etc.
7. Quick response to correspondence from other agencies of the government e.g. Office of the Auditor-General of the Federation (OAGF)
8. Prepares realizable budget estimates
9. Carries out effective budget monitoring.
1. All staff of the Ministry
2. All contractors and suppliers
3. All supervisory authorities e.g.
(a) Office of Accountant-General of the Federation
(b) Office of Auditor-General of the Federation;
(c) Federal Ministry of Finance.
4. Other Government Organization and Institutions e.g.
i. Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
ii. Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIS)
iii. Sub- Treasury of the Federation
iv. Federal Mortgage Bank
v. Other Commercial Bank etc.
Grievance And Redress Mechanism
The staff of the department are expected to provide timely and qualitative service to clients. In the event of failure, delay or low quality service, the aggrieved is advised to report to (AD Accounts). All enquiries or information relating to Finance and Accounts Department shall be obtained from: (AD Accounts) 4th floor, Room 4A 33.
10 Procurement Department
(i) Ensuring due process in the procurement of goods and services and the award of contracts in the Ministries/Extra-Ministerial Departments;
(ii) Maintenance of a register of Suppliers/Contractors for the Ministries/Extra-Ministerial Departments and the payment of appropriate fees for tendering purpose;
(iii) Maintenance of a periodically updated price database as may be provided by the Central Procurement t Agency for Public Sector Procurement and contract awards;
(iv) Superintending strict adherence to all extant regulations and procedures on procurement contracts awards; 
(v) Liaisons with the Bureau of public procurement (BPP) of the Presidency, or any other organization/ agency on matters relating to
contract awards.
4.0 Recommended Organizational Structure of the Departments.

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