The management of the human resources of Government Ministries and Agencies sums up the functions of the Personnel Management. The Department in focus is responsible for promotion, training, discipline and the general welfare of the entire workforce of the organization, including pension Administration and training.

Our commitment in this charter is to ensure an effective management of the available work force for the actualization of the service delivery mandate of the ministry.


Our mandate, therefore, is among other things to appoint, train, promote, and discipline Personnel of the Ministry for optimal productivity towards the realization of the vision and mission of the Ministry.


To manage the human resources of the Federal Ministry of Justice for effective and efficient performance in order to actualize the overall objective of the Ministry.


The Department shall seek to establish effective mechanisms for staff Development, welfare, promotion and discipline to enable its personnel acquire the right attitudes and skills for qualitative service.


By our mandate, the under listed categories are our clients;
All members of staff of the federal ministry of justice

  1. Association of senior Civil Servants of Nigeria;
  2. Nigeria Civil Service Union;
  3. Amalgamated Union of Typist, Stenographers Technical and Allied Matters;
  4. National Youth Service Corp Members and Industrial Attaches;
  5. Office of Accountant General of the Federation;
  6. Office of the Auditor General of the Federation;
  7. Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation;
  8. Federal Civil Service Commission;
  9. Nigeria Bar Association;
  10. Parastatals under the supervision of the Ministry and
  11. Next of Kin of Deceased Officer.

Functions of the Department

The personnel Management provides essential support service to the Ministry and to some extent, the Public. It is one of the common services Department where structure and organogram cannot be altered without the Authorization of the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation. The Department is structured into some Divisions:
i. Appointment, Promotion and Discipline, Division;
ii. Staff welfare and Training Division, pension matters.
iii. Apart from the two existing Division of (DHRM) namely Appointment, Promotion and Discipline staff welfare and training, the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation has ordered the establishment of IPPIS with an A.D. as head of the Branch and also Data Base/Nominal Roll was created for the purpose of obtaining as perfect and concise nominal roll of the Ministry. Sanitation/First Aid unit was created to give staff of the Ministry primary care

Functions of Appointment Promotion and Discipline Division (APD)

i. The appointment, promotion and discipline Division (APD) carries out the following functions
ii. Appointment of officers into the various cadres on Grade levels 01-06 as Delegated by the Federal Civil Service Commission;
iii. Documentation of officers employed by the Federal Civil Service Commission and deployed to the Ministry.
iv. Processing of documents on First Appointment and Confirmation of Appointment of officers on Grade Levels 01-06;
v. Processing of documents of officers employed by the Federal Civil Service Commission and deployed to the Ministry;
vi. Preparing records of service and comprehensive Nominal Roll for the Ministry/Disposition list of legal officers;
vii. Raising salary variation advice for purposes of new appointments, Promotion, upgrading and conversion, annual increment;
viii. Provision of general Registry Services;
ix. Conducting promotion exercises for officers on grade levels 01- 13 through the Senior and Junior Staff Committees;
x. Forwarding of briefs of officers on Grade Levels 14-16 to the Federal Civil Service Commission for the purpose of promotion.
xi. Processing additional qualification certificates of officers for Advancement, conversion and upgrading;
xii. Handling other general administrative matters such as servicing of management meetings, posting and monitoring of Youth Corp members and students on Industrial Attachment etc.
xiii. Posting of Legal Advisers/Legal Officers to various Ministries/Extra Ministerial agencies.
xiv. Defence of the Manpower Budget of the Ministry
xv. Secondment/Treating transfer cases and sundry staff development.
xvi. Maintenance of discipline in the Ministry.
xvii. Processing of Annual Vacation leave casual leave, approval for officers of the Ministry maternity leave etc.

Functions of Staff Welfare and Training Division

The Staff Welfare and Training Division perform the under listed functions:
i. Co-coordinating matters pertaining to the Ministry’s Sports club and sporting activities.
ii. Handling matters pertain to medical treatments/ check-ups including refund of medical and burial expenses and provision of First Aid boxes.
iii. Processing applications for housing loans, motor vehicle / motor cycle advances.
iv. Processing of retired officers documents to the offices of establishment and Management Services for gratuity and pension.
v. Overseeing the affairs of staff can teen matters.
vi. Handling all union and Industrial Relations matters.
vii. Preparing annual training proposals to meet the training needs of officers in the Ministry.
viii. Implementing approved training programmes.
ix. Rendering returns on utilization of approved courses
x. Programming, organizing and conducting in-house job improvement courses for junior officers.
xi. Appraising training proposals received from Training Institution and consultants.
xii. Handling applications for professional training of secretaries and typists.
xiii. Liaising with Manpower Development Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation and other relevant institutions on training matters.
xiv. Bonding of all officers undergoing courses lasting
twelve (12) months and above.

Grievance Redress Mechanism

In the event of commission or omission in the discharge of our responsibility, please direct your complaints or any other enquiries promptly to: The Director Human Resources Management, DD (APD)
DD (SW), AD (SW & T), PEO (APD) Senior, Federal Ministry of Justice Headquarters, Abuja.


The personnel management department expects to conduct its Activities promptly, sufficiently within available resources. We also expect that our clients will be satisfied with our services and understand our limitations.


The Department of Personnel Management is committed to effective management of the human resources of the ministry.

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