1. Director (Legal Drafting) – Mr. J. K. Ehicheoga Esq.

2. Director (International And Comparative Law) - Mr. Benjamem Ogu Okolo

3. Director (Citizen's Right) – Mr. Bebu Fanee Kinwinage

4. Director (Solicitors) - Mr. Zacheaus Adeyanju

5. Director (Public Prosecutions of the Federation) - Mr. Umar Etsu Mohammed

6. Director (Civil Litigations and Public Law) - 

7. Ag. Director (Law Reporting and Publications) –  Mrs. Mercy. Vivian. Agada

8. Director (Administration of Criminal Justice & Reforms) -  

9. Director (International Cooperation) - Mrs. Antoinette Ifeanyi Oche-Obe

10. Director (Planning, Research and Statistics)- Mrs. Kate Okoli

11. Director (Finance And Accounts) – Mr. Ilem U. Ilem-Iyam 

12. Director (Human Resource Management) - Dr. J. O. Magbadelo 

13. Director (General Services) - Mr. Yinusa Salami Ajagbe

14. Director (Procurement) - Engr. Joel A. Maseko

15. Director (Reform Coordination and Service Improvement) - Mrs. Ekpe Salome Njoku



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